Traveling Again

We were airborne, today, in a Boeing 737, no Max. They left Max at home knowing he might be a little sketchy. I would asoon tightrope on a unicycle over the Grand Canyon than fly coast to coast on board the Max.

My spouse Kristine and I stayed at an airport hotel since our plane was boarding at 550 am. We found a 3.5 star hotel online for $79. What a “deal.”

We were given a room that smelled like the sewers of 17th Century Paris. Once recovered, we were given a new room. Although, we were told we could have the first room for $19.00.

The heater was inoperative in our new room. The hotel staff brought us blankets Goodwill had rejected.

That night I got my arthritic toe stuck in a”blanket.” It only took 30 minutes to remove the toe. In the morning I shaved icicles off my beard for the first time.

When we went downstairs our airline pilot was actually waiting for the same hotel van. He told me the weather would be “rocky” headed west.

Our van successfully arrived at the terminal. I have never liked the idea of using the word TERMINAL at our airports.

Getting through baggage processing and security just in time to board was a first for the two of us. I anticipated if we missed the plane I would be negotiating with a someone akin to Genghis Khan or Torquemada. I got to the gate breathing heavily having developed a nervous tic.

On board our pilot “Rocky” announced we were initially flying over states like North Dakota. I believe this is a state famous for having recorded the highest and lowest temps on record for the US. We were prepared for the worst, I think. I actually listened to the safety instructions.

It was a beautiful, smooth flight. Gump was right. Sometimes life gives us chocolates.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon

The Secret History of Christianity by Mark Vernon, a Review

The author to some extent looked at Owen Barfield’s (CS Lewis’ fellow Inkling) view of the revolutionary social change Christianity brought to  humanity. The transition the author describes is the transition from a tribal culture such as the Jews to a deeper state as individuals and their thought life.

For example, in the tribal culture the Hebrews were commanded to kill one enemy’s entire population. On the other hand in the Sermon on the Mount spoken to his fellow Jews Christ repeatedly describes the thinking of the individual. He notes to hate is to kill with the mind. The revolutionary changes include the individual reading his/her own Bible in the Reformation as opposed to reliance on the priest.

This is a fascinating read from this man who transitioned from an atheist, to an Anglican priest and, finally, to a Christian psychotherapist.

One of My Bigger Breaks

It was September 1967. I was in my first chemistry lab in medical school. The details of lab work to me were akin to cleaning a large bathroom with a soft toothbrush. I would have have rather read the NYC telephone book than done labwork.

We were to choose lab partners that day. One of the freshman looked and sounded like a guy who had it all together. He looked everyone straight in the eye, entered a room with confidence and spoke in a deep, commanding baritone. Fortunately he had bad taste in lab partners and chose a student who was all thumbs as a partner, me. That was of course at my request.

Hence, lab went smoothly in those weekly forages through the alleged forest of chemistry knowledge.

Of late, as the alumni association can track you better than the CIA, I have noted in their throwaway that he now owns a number of medical facilities all over his home state and flys his own private plane.

As for me, I am not sure I would fly in a private plane.

Thoughts Entering December

The decade will end in 31 days. I have a reasonable shot at reaching the 4th decade of the 21st Century as I now enter its 3rd. So much for higher mathematics.

I have been retired for almost six years. Seemed like six days. I got to snuggle with my grandkids, share my old age with the love of my life, stay afloat financially and breathe those aromatic Pacific breezes.

So far so good on my health. But things on the graph can cross in the elderly. My aerobic workouts for my heart and brain can hurt my knees. That’s even on bikes and ellipticals.

On the other hand I have NOTHING to complain about as another sweet decade passes by. Thank God for the gift of life. L’chaim.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon

Ford v. Ferrari, a Movie Review

This marvelous film took me back to my teens and twenties with its driving, melodic, theme music and key auto enthusiasts of the 60’s. Though I loved that sport in that decade, the movie stood on its own as a great film. The critical driver, Ken Miles, was portrayed by the superb English actor Christian Bales.

The relationship between Ken, his spouse and their one son was beautifully and realistically presented. Matt Damon’s version of the racing enthusiast Carroll Shelby was memorable, particularly his wonderful friendship with Miles that grew exponentially in the film.

Miles’ absolute love for creating, repairing and driving great motor cars is the soul of this authentic film.

To all of us who have hassled with the arrogance and unkindness of some people in authority, that battle raged between the Shelby/Miles team and the “suits”  of Ford. It, along with the racing, drove this beautifully directed and acted movie. Finally the writing was extraordinary leaving one deeply engaged. My best advice, try not to miss it, especially on the large screen with the magnificent sound of those wonderful cars.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon