Lumps and Bumps

So my dear mom, whenever considering anything hazardous I might explore, offered one of two classic phrases: Don’t break your neck or don’t poke out your eye.

Sure enough having just turned seven I tried to open a package with a small kitchen knife. The knife slipped in my little hands. It went towards my head and pokedĀ  a miniscule portion of the white of my eye. The blood curdling shriek Mom gave as she rushed to me was enough to empty the graves of a large cemetery. It may have. I was too small to find out. Fortunately, all turned out well.

At about the same age I was carrying a large toy downstairs into the basement. I slipped and landed on my thick skull. I was rushed to the nearest ER to evaluate my neck and head.

Mom breathed a sigh of relief when she was told there was no evidence of serious trauma. I did as well even at seven. Hey, it was a rough year.


Federer and the Bittersweet

He defines the growing older gracefully ideal. He lost the two greatest tennis matches ever played.
But, he handled the defeats gracefully. His game makes it obvious to even the non-tennis fan that, the man loves to play.

Most of us by choice have two careers. If he had a choice he’d never stop swinging a racket.

Wherever he plays it is always possible he will have more fans than the hometown hero. On top of that to all outward appearances he has a kindly relationship with his devoted
spouse Mirka and his two beautiful sets of twins.

Roger, you elevate tennis to something more noble than sport. Thank you from us all.

Wimbledon’s Shining Moment

Roger Federer was up to every test. Unfortunately so was Novak Djokovic. They played an emotionally taxing nearly five hour Wimbledon final today.

In the fifth set Roger was serving on his 2nd match point. He approached well on a short ball. He had the net covered as it should be. The problem was that in this huge test of wills Djokovic was stronger whipping a clean winner past Fed at the net. Roger did not lose that point. He got beat.

I believe it was one of the finest matches ever played. Fed won the two non- tiebreaker sets and Djokovic the three decided by tiebreaker.

They were exhausted as the match came to an end. They gave the avid tennis fans of the planet a match for the ages.

Traveling Together

So it was deja vue as I waited for a flight to see our grandsons today at the airport. I sat in the waiting room and using both my plug and USB I tried to keep my android droiding. No matter how many electrical, chair outlets I plugged none of them would charge my phone. This happened months ago as well.

By the time I reached the 34th chair outlet my spouse gave me an interesting look. I gathered she was trying to decide which poison in 3.4 oz. containers she would inject into my lunch on the plane.

She was a little gnarly already. Her 3.5 oz. container of flawless moisturizer was absconded. It was .1 oz. over the limit per a TSA Agent with her thumb on the scale. She beamed as she explained that to my unsuspecting spouse.

I am here to testify my turkey wrap was probably nearing absorption of its molecules in my small gut. And I was still breathing. No pulse, but I was breathing. She may have weakened the poison misreading the dilution with the cracked lens on her glasses.

When we managed to both exit the plane it was the blind leading the pulseless.

H. . Robert Rubin, MD, Amazon best selling memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon

Gauff v. Halep, a Monday of Wimbledon Reckoning

Coco has said she will not step on a tennis court in the Championships if she doesn’t believe she can beat the woman across the net. That will be Simona Halep.

Simona has a French Open victory amongst her laurels. However her Achilles heal is her composure. That is Ms. Gauff’s strength.

They are both strong on both wings. They both move very well.

Ms. Halep has never played Ms. Gauff. They both will be well rested. History tell us in this particular tournament young newbies break down in the semis at the latest. That happened here in 1977 to John McEnroe. This match will be the round of sixteen players not four.

I would give Halep a very slight edge. Though, it would not surprise me if Coco won, particularly as this is grass and she has the better serve.
I am looking forward to a remarkable match. The reactions of the crowd and those on Henman Hill have made Coco’s matches even more memorable. My hope is this match will be a wonderful memory for the prodigy from Florida, Cori Gauff.