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Some thoughts on my own memoirs….With God’s help I’ve been on a long journey to enhance my love and diminish my anger and fear. At 70 years of age, I’ve written 21 essays reflecting on God’s hand in my life. A famous writer once suggested you need to bleed on the page to write well. I have had much reason to celebrate despite the hard times expressed in my work. If the reader has 3 hours and $3.99 to spare I suggest you consider this portion of a review by one reader: “Dr. Rubin uses themed mini vignettes as chapters to tell the story of his life. It is a beautifully written account of one man’s life journey through childhood wounds and suffering. He takes the reader through the ups and downs of his career, his marriage, and parenting. There is pain, trial, joy, and ultimately peace. We journey with him as he travels from a victim to a victor. It highlights surrender, humility, faith, and above all else, love. It is almost a ‘how-to’ self-help book if it didn’t read like a poignant novel.” She later says, “Look Backward (Angel) is a story of hope and encouragement.”

H. Robert Rubin, Memoirist and essayist, Author of Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon in electronic format. Just Click below:

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Chapter Four

Yes they are indignant CHILDREN because they haven’t gotten past the traumas of childhood. Parents are powerful authority figures. Familiarity breeds contempt because when one gets closer to a friend there is more risk. You are more impacted by the friend’s opinions and advice, i.e. they have more authority in your life. They can more easily provoke you to anger reminding you subconsciously of the kind of childhood trauma inflicted by one or both parents. There is a broad range of childhood trauma including physical and verbal abuse that gets buried deep in our souls (subconscious).

I’ve covered my own issues in my memoirs which finish with what has worked for me, centered on non-relative Christian principles and a variety of Christian behavioral therapies.

Still truckin’.

H. Robert Rubin
Memoirist and Essayist
Author of Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon.

Culture Monk


Chapter Four

(A chapter in which I find out that you only know the true nature of a friendship when conflict occurs and I find solace in a cup of coffee)

~ I was sitting at coffee a while back when I received a message from someone who claimed to be my friend. The message involved them making up lies and dropping the F-bomb at me.

The person clearly allowed their emotions (i.e. feelings) to drive their behavior, which is a phenomena that plagues Western Culture. You would think that after hundreds of years of post-Enlightenment thinking and the age of rationalism, grown men and women would have progressed beyond allowing their feelings to dictate their behavior. Sadly, logic, rational thought, and sound reasoning are skills possessed by only a few people in Western Society, and the majority of people are nothing more than little children dressed up as grown…

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You Stubbornly Refuse to Apologize….now I know why!

We all need to become more loving and less angry to heal our souls and the souls of others. I’ve been at it with the help of God for 70 years.
Still truckin.

H. Robert Rubin, M. D. , memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel, an e-book now available on Amazon and On Second Thought to be published in 2018, to be available on Amazon.

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Photo by Kenneth Justice - All Rights Reserved (2013) Photo by Kenneth Justice – All Rights Reserved (2013)

How many people have treated you like crap and never apologized?

Ever have any family squabbles (if you haven’t will you adopt me??) where the wronged party never gets an apology?

I have had family members gossip behind my back like its the bloody cold war and when I confronted the family member; like a little child who gets reprimanded they refused to talk to me.

How about this one; 3 year old Susie slaps little Johnny on his face for no good reason, and her parent says, “Susie, you need to apologize to Johnny” but little Susie defiantly grits her teeth and says, “NO!”.

Yesterday on NPR a new research study was discussed on the topic of apologizing.

Here’s the kicker, according to psychologist Tyler Okimoto, “We do find that apologies do make apologizers feel better, but the interesting thing…

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Agape Love

Even though the Greek culture has left Western civilization with numerous gifts (“democracy”, Plato, Aristotle, and numerous English words) why oh why is the word for self sacrificing love, agape, so absent from the English tongue?

This is particularly bothersome to the Christian as agape is the love characterized in Paul’s love chapter. Perhaps this love has been such an obstacle for most to even approach (present company included) we have conveniently left it for all intents and purposes in the Greek language. Your thoughts?     H Robert Rubin, Memoirist/Essayist