A new way of life, a New Year…REALLY???

Genetic engineers can heal numerous diseases or clone people for oppressive governments. The e-world is simply another tool for good or evil. My hope is that the Jeckyll/Hyde nature of more men and women can be touched by the Word of God and Christ’s Body/people on earth such that the carbuncles and pus wallowing in the subconscious souls of humans can be healed. As that happens love can be amplified and even helped by technology from my own perspective. H. Robert Rubin, Memoirist and essayist, Author of Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon in electronic format.

Culture Monk

contemplative thoughts

~ I was sitting at coffee recently and an acquaintance sitting at my table lamented to me that their friend had been ignoring him recently,

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Well, I texted my friend last week and she still hasn’t responded” he said

“Is this unusual?” I asked

“Kinda, she always texts back right away” he said

“Do you think something could be wrong? Should you stop by her house and make sure she is okay?” I asked

My friend looked puzzled, “Stop by her house? I don’t even know where she lives!” he said

At this point in the conversation, I was the one who was confused, and after a few questions for clarifications I soon learned that my coffee acquaintance has never met this particular woman in real life! He has only ever talked with her via the Internet!

Call me old fashioned, call me a…

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Real Change

Per Tolstoy, “Everybody thinks of changing humanity, but nobody thinks of changing himself.” “To do” lists are interesting, but, following the Holy Spirit as we mine the subconscious portion of our souls, in my opinion, is the key to becoming more Christ-like in all our human relations. “I shall know even as also I am known” in Paul’s love chapter suggests to me Christ wants what’s buried in our subconscious to bubble to the surface and be healed. From my perspective, it would take a rare miracle to accomplish that without an excellent behavioral therapist. Finding the right one is worth its weight in humility. For a more expansive explanation as it has applied to my 70 year struggle on this planet, you might enjoy, “Look Backward Angel,” an e-book on Amazon. H. Robert Rubin. Soon you might consider On Second Thought to be published in 2018, to be available on Amazon.

Memoirs Considering The Folks Remembered

I published my memoirs in October. I cleared passages with all my relatives, who I dearly love. I even, with my wife’s permission, called and emailed my ex-wife to get approval to publish memoirs about her. I thought carefully about former employers who might be offended and eliminated any potential offense.

I feel, nevertheless, I “bled” on the pages of this book, revealed the inner workings of my wounded soul and have no reservations about the book I published. I tried to write with “…malice towards none.” Most importantly I prayed that the book would be bathed in truth and love. Fortunately, to date, the readers who reviewed my work publicly agreed I achieved that goal. Thank God for small and large favors.

H. Robert Rubin, Memoirist and Author of the E-book, Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon.

Some Thoughts on Retirement

The best advice I can give is look back at your life and ask yourself, “What did I consistently enjoy doing over the course of my life?” What bubbles up to the surface for me, was a short story my school published in 1957 and a poem my school published in 1963. That was followed by my avoidance of a freshman writing course by passing a collegiate test to identify those who wrote well for 18 year olds. Later in life prominent people who I trusted found talks I had written, whether celebratory or in eulogies, engaging. As a result of this pattern I decided to write my memoirs, Look Backward Angel, available as an e-book on Amazon.

Remember, if things go awry, there are a host of other financial options. A less expensive living option with available Medicare is Guam in the South Pacific. One can also remain in the U.S and downsize even to one of those very hip, very green and very well designed small trailers let alone a smaller house in a city or state without a huge price.

For the scholar/writer in you, at worst take college courses with CDs on loan from excellent libraries. If available, your local colleges may well offer free courses if you choose to audit.

Hug your soul mate, kids and grandkids. Build a support structure in your social and religious life. Most importantly with God’s help try to walk the journey to menschdom. May God bless your efforts as he has blessed your longevity.

H. Robert Rubin, Memoirist , Author of Look Backward Angel, available through Amazon.