Memoirs Considering The Folks Remembered

I published my memoirs in October. I cleared passages with all my relatives, who I dearly love. I even, with my wife’s permission, called and emailed my ex-wife to get approval to publish memoirs about her. I thought carefully about former employers who might be offended and eliminated any potential offense.

I feel, nevertheless, I “bled” on the pages of this book, revealed the inner workings of my wounded soul and have no reservations about the book I published. I tried to write with “…malice towards none.” Most importantly I prayed that the book would be bathed in truth and love. Fortunately, to date, the readers who reviewed my work publicly agreed I achieved that goal. Thank God for small and large favors.

H. Robert Rubin, memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel, an e-book on Amazon and How Did I Get Through This? to be published on Amazon in 2018


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