The Fed

Someone on Facebook suggested Roger Federer was cheating playing only night matches at the ongoing Aussie Open. I have updated my Facebook response which obtained rapid support as follows:

He has earned the night session and has the most magnificent game in the history of tennis. Roger has given lifetime tennis fans shots and wins we will never forget. The maestro is hands down the most well liked player in the dressing room, certainly not the response of players upset with his ‘cheating.”

Even at 36, get it done Rog!

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Old Age?


I can’t believe it’s 2019. I thought we just turned the century, overly concerned with Y2K at a cost of 100 billion per

I am old enough at 73 to have celebrated the birthday of a 101 year old on a quiet evening with her niece and nephew in law. We did so at an old school Chinese restaurant. The surest sign it was old school was a nearly illegible handwritten check as opposed to the printed variety. I had a BALL. I estimate the chance of my reaching that plateau at about 101 to 1.

My spouse of 41 years, was out of town to help a family member in need and I was in a survival mode.

My gift of all these years so far has been so precious. My thanks to my maker for my vigor and my quite, slowly, dimming health.

My various systems are racing to kill me but their pace is more akin to a tortoise than a hare. If a Humvee hits you at 100 m.p.h. you are flattened. On the other hand if it hits you at .0000001 m.p.h. you remain much rounder. By the grace of God may my roundness continue.

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