The Laver Cup Act II

And so it was the brainchild of a wonderful mind, one fluent in several languages. But again fluidity is Roger Federer’s middle name. Even in slow motion you won’t find a hitch in Roger Federer’s strokes. They still give life to his tennis, enhancing his precision and reducing his injury rate.

Of course he also has reduced his playing schedule. Nonetheless his love for the game has been expressed in his additional time with this, his baby. There is a mutual admiration society of two, Laver and Federer that gave birth to this wonderful event as well, first in Prague last year. The glamour, the keen competitiveness and the newly acquired roles of the players make this a fascinating event for tennis devotees. That is particularly true in the lull we used to feel after the end of the U.S. Open.

You ask about the competition yesterday in the Windy City? Three out of the four events went the distance to a third set, super tie breaker in the third. The day ended with two pairs of players who had never played doubles together. It was Anderson/Sock v Djokovic/Federer. The match came down to a third set where arguably the world’s greatest doubles player, Jack Sock, was a key to the winning team.

The most fascinating match-up today is the second match in the day session, following the Zverev v Isner match, that, starts at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. It will pit the Fed against a player who has beaten every member of the elite top four in tennis, Nick Kyrgios. It could be the match of the tournament with two exceedingly talented and creative players having at it. Join the fun in Chicago or over the airwaves!

H. Robert Rubin, M. D., memoirist and author of two books available on Amazon, Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This?