Will Sascha Zverev’s Problems at Majors Continue?

The first thing one might notice about this remarkable young tennis player, the most successful male amongst the next gen players, is that he is six foot six. Sascha has some size and weight to carry on a limited space, the regulation tennis court. None of the multi-major winners at the “slams” over the last several years is over 6 ft. 3. The shortest is Stan Wawrinka at six feet even and the two tallest are Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray at 6 ft. 3.

That group at the very top in winning major tennis tournaments is skillful even through five grueling sets. In the case of Rafa Nadal, he tolerates the five most grueling on slow clay.

Sascha has never won a major or even gotten past the quarters in his seventeen attempts. It may be, having worked with Andy Murray’s ex-trainer and now his ex-coach as well, Ivan Lendl, that that streak of frustration will end. Nonetheless he seems a superior three set tennis player to date having won several ATP Masters.

I think it may be a long stretch until and if he wins a grand slam. I say that because at his height and weight he carries a lot for potentially five sets in every major. There are seven matches over a grueling fortnight in each event. They occur in the heat of summer or late spring. It may explain why even in the least taxing major, Wimbledon, Kevin Anderson and John Isner may have recently gone deep, but, they have not achieved a championship. They are taller still at 6 ft. 8 And 6 ft. 10, respectively.

One might argue that Marin Cilic and Juan Martin Del Potro defied those principles wining the U. S. Open at 6 ft. 6 in. height. I would argue Del Potro caught Federer on a bad day and Cilic beat a worn out 5 ft. 10 Kei Nishikori. Kei had consecutively beaten major winners Wawrinka in five and Djokovic in four sets.

I do believe things will fall into place with maturity given the tremendous talent and will of this young player, but I have my doubts about a significant multi-major career. I am not surprised that he is undefeated in his two Laver Cups, as, the event is indoors and consists at a maximum of two set matches with a ten point deciding tiebreaker.

H. Robert Rubin, M. D., memoirist and author of two books available on Amazon, Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This?

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