Some thoughts for the Christmas Season

It is a time of the year when in some ways time stops. Beautiful hymns drift across the airways. Troops stop fighting on the 25th. Kids are filled with joy from the good food, good friends and good gifts of the season. A variety of events occur unlike any other time of the year.

Is it all a pagan rite in the midst of a godless universe? Are we all living a myth who believe this holiday celebrates the ultimate gift of the incarnate God walking the face of the earth, entering history?

It is the statistical improbabilities that reinforce my faith, particularly in this unique season. My spouse and I attend a fellowship group every Sunday night. We study Scriptures and pray, both of which meet a need for each of us that is quite deep.

On the last Sunday before our Christmas break, 12/2/18, we studied the part of the New Testament Book of Acts that took place in Malta, that small ancient locale just south of Sicily. One professor I listened to called parts of it in 2018 a trip into the Middle Ages. It is a fascinating place where major events still occur as happened for Stalin, Churchill and FDR when they met toward the end of WII.

I have been blogging like this for about three years. Over 1500 people have viewed my blogs all over the world, never Malta. Suddenly over a blog completely unrelated to Malta, a view took place from Malta hours after that Sunday night group. I believe the good Lord was reinforcing our belief in Him and that we were in the right place at the right time. Noel.