Toward a Theology of Psychological Disorder by Marcia Webb, MDiv, PhD, a Book Review

Thomas Aquinas focused at times on how faith and reason walk together. In that vein Christians were essential to Western civilization’s development of hospitals and universities.

And so as one degreed in theology and psychology, Marcia Webb, MDiv, PhD, opines how the Scriptures point to the importance of deeply healing the soul. The soul is the psyche in Greek. She amplifies the central role of wise counsel in that process, particularly that of the behavioral therapist treating mental disorders.

Dr Webb notes that tribulation is a shared challenge in a broken world. She further enunciates how those with mental disorders have their own particular kinds of tribulation. Dr. Webb provides some history of the stigma of mental illness that has added to the challenge.

In yet another area of interest, the author writes about the links between mental disorders and creativity. It is an ever fascinating area of research.

In this work four of my favorite topics come together: neuroscience, theology, history and psychology. To those who share similar interests this is an illuminating work. Allow Dr Webb’s experienced, well referenced view to shine a light on your perspective. It will not disappoint.

H. Robert Rubin, Amazon, best selling memoirist and author of two books available on Amazon, Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This?