Charger Turnaround Time after Twelve Years

It was 1/14/07. The Chargers were playing the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in the playoffs. Marlon McCree intercepted Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter with about six minutes left. The game appeared perhaps over given LaDanian Tomlinson’s effective running that could eat up minutes on the clock. Instead of falling on the ball, on instinct, McCree ran up field where a Patriot SLUGGED the ball out of his hands. The Patriots recovered and scored twice to win. One of the greatest Charger teams ever assembled lost a heartbreaker.

Today, 1/6/19, about 12 years have passed. Late in today‚Äôs wild card playoff game against the Ravens, the Chargers were trying to stop a potential game winning last minute drive by the Ravens.  

Before that with the Ravens playing 4th quarter catch-up defender Davis for the Chargers had and dropped a likely game ending interception near the goal line. But at least he broke up the play.

Later an offensive lineman, Russell Okung, for the Chargers on a key possession play illegally held the opposition. As a result the Chargers lost a first down, a costly loss that returned the ball a play later to the win-hungry Baltimore Ravens.

It was time for the last minute final showdown. The Ravens were moving up field. Suddenly a rookie linebacker for the Chargers, Uchenna Nwosu, barreled into the backfield. As Lamar Jackson brought the ball back to pass Nwosu SLUGGED the ball out of his hands. Charger Melvin Ingram recovered. GAME OVER.

Ironically it is the Patriots the Chargers play next week in that same Gillette Stadium. To the victor belongs a shot at the AFC title and later the Lombardi Trophy. Let it not be forgotten that Anthony Lynn, the Charger head coach, is slowly becoming one of the greatest Charger coaches to ever take on those pressure filled reins. He can solidify that view with a win this Sunday.