Hourglass by Dani Shapiro, a Book Review.

I love the genre of memoir. I have written and published three of them.

I’ve found a famous author who has written several memoirs. At first blush, the most interesting one is entitled, Hourglass. It consists of her reflections on time at midlife and marriage.

I love adding ideal quotations from others at appropriate points in my work. She does as well and does it beautifully.

Shapiro weaves a story of the ups and downs of her 18-year marriage with one child. There is also the raw pain of the fickle winds, of responses from entertainment folk, as, they are both writers, in part, for the entertainment industry.

The book is a lovely tapestry in which the reader can in many cases relate to their years of marriage, raising a child to adulthood, and growing older together.

I highly recommend the memoir to the reader, particularly those who love this genre and cope with like challenges.

H. Robert Rubin, best selling Amazon memoirist with three memoirs available on Amazon, Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me.

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