A Young American, Frances Tiafoe, 21 and the Victor Today, Will be Amongst the Final Eight Men Standing at the Aussie Open.

It happened a few short minutes ago. Frances Tiafoe would not give an inch. He defeated Grigor Dimitrov in four stirring, close sets.

For the first time in a quite a while a young American will be playing in the quarter finals of a major tennis championship. It is taking place in the land down under.

He said after the match that ten years ago he told his parents he would become a professional tennis player. Now he is climbing one of the four steepest hills in tennis nearing the finish of the Aussie Open.

As a lifetime tennis fan it has brought tears to my eyes and hope in my heart. It has been about 15 years since our last American man, Andy Roddick, won a major. Perhaps Frances is developing into the player who will soon bring American men’s tennis back.