So the first “spit to vial” Ancestry.com analysis for me read 94 per cent Ashkenazi Jew. To that point I had no idea I might have Greco-Roman, Asian, Spanish and native American DNA. I came up with an explanation for the six per cent in the fall of 2015. I spelled it out in my first book of memoirs, Look Backward Angel.

Life is full of surprises. Ancestry.com is so successful that in the last year or so they increased their sample sizes significantly. That meant for the vendor and consumer more accurate data on which ethnicities/nationalities clustered certain genes. At least that is my understanding. I was newly advised contrary to my premature analysis in 2015 that I was 100 per cent Ashkenazi Jew.

So I get the benefit of the Jewish work ethic/ effectiveness and the dysbenefit of ghetto centered inbreeding. This would have been accentuated in my paternal grandparents who were cousins.
But whatever deleterious genes might be poking around in my cells, I am 73 and still ticking, at least the last time I checked.

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