Science and a Judeo-Christian Point of View

Twelve step programs work and rely on trusting God. Prayer has been demonstrated scientifically to have had an impact on health. Scientific studies rely on a statistical level of significance not certainty. When the extremely unlikely statistically changes one’s life one can consider a higher power in another dimension has had an impact.

Evolution that is not a series of accidents but is the purpose of a higher power is a tenable position. The complexity of the human mind seems to be well beyond the realm of accidental genesis.

The Jews brought monotheism to the world in the early history of civilization. They still exist despite persecution for centuries and these effective people including notable scientists in large part still believe in the precious God they worship.

I have a scientific degree at the doctoral level and have published research. The director of NIH is a strong Christian believer. Bottom line, a strong belief in God and the validity of science have walked hand in hand for centuries. Christians, originally a recognized sect of Judaism, started the initial hospitals and universities.

Let us not remain in separate silos but share ideas about the nature and extent of REALITY without biases that simply get in our way.