Cellphone, the Good, the Bad and the Overused

It’s my watch, my alarm, my calendar, my voice only contact with the world, my file for “writing” ideas, my blank page for “writing,” my access to my blog/my published books/ Instagram/Facebook, and finally it is what separates me in real “Facetime” from my one, true, intimate relationship.

Am I making eye contact or phone contact with her? Am I seeing, listening and hearing with a whole heart.

And about that heart: Will I die using my phone? Will people notice I have died because I don’t seem to be answering? How have I lived without a cellphone for so many years?

It certainly is a boredom killer. I am sometimes disappointed when I get to the front of a grocery line because I am smack in the middle of a great book. The line becomes a transcendent experience instead of a boring one.

Dear Lord keep me off that phone and in my wife’s heart, the place I belong. And Lord please keep me by her side, phone off, ears lively and heart at one with hers. My phone is only a phone but after 41 years, SHE is my life.