Gauff v. Halep, a Monday of Wimbledon Reckoning

Coco has said she will not step on a tennis court in the Championships if she doesn’t believe she can beat the woman across the net. That will be Simona Halep.

Simona has a French Open victory amongst her laurels. However her Achilles heal is her composure. That is Ms. Gauff’s strength.

They are both strong on both wings. They both move very well.

Ms. Halep has never played Ms. Gauff. They both will be well rested. History tell us in this particular tournament young newbies break down in the semis at the latest. That happened here in 1977 to John McEnroe. This match will be the round of sixteen players not four.

I would give Halep a very slight edge. Though, it would not surprise me if Coco won, particularly as this is grass and she has the better serve.
I am looking forward to a remarkable match. The reactions of the crowd and those on Henman Hill have made Coco’s matches even more memorable. My hope is this match will be a wonderful memory for the prodigy from Florida, Cori Gauff.