Traveling Together

So it was deja vu as I waited for an outgoing flight to see our grandsons in the summer of 2019 . I sat in the waiting room and using both my plug and USB I tried to keep my android droiding. No matter how many electrical, chair outlets I plugged none of them would charge my phone. This had happened months ago as well. By the time I reached the 34th chair outlet my spouse gave me an interesting look. I gathered she was trying to decide which poison in 3.4 oz. containers she would inject into my lunch on the plane.

She was a little gnarly already. Her 3.5 oz. container of flawless moisturizer was absconded. It was .1 oz. over the limit per a TSA Agent with her thumb on the scale. She beamed as she explained that to my unsuspecting spouse.

I am here to testify my turkey wrap was probably undergoing absorption of its molecules in my small gut. And I was still breathing. No pulse, but I was breathing. She may have weakened the poison misreading the dilution with the cracked lens on her glasses.

When we managed to both exit the plane it was the blind leading the pulseless.

H. . Robert Rubin, Amazon best selling memoirist, author of Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me, all available on Amazon

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