The Little Guy

July 16, 2019 had been a vigorous day. We greeted our two grandsons for a day of good times and good food. They were six and almost nine.

“Almost” is relevant since my spouse, an artist, spent several hours offering poster designs for his 9th, Star Wars themed birthday party.

Star Wars dates back to 1977, the year we met, dated and married. I was “semi-conscious” during the film on one of our early dates. She loved it.

It was getting late for the grandsons that day. After dinner, before bed, it was my job in front of my spouse and his older brother to guide the younger as he read. To that point I had never seen him read and he was unable to do so.

He chose a book about an elephant’s concern over his inability to dance. Then he began to read. It was a cute book and he was doing beautifully. A tear came to my eye. This little guy I had known since infancy had taken his first step toward learning. It was an unexpected moment of pure joy. Aren’t these moments offered up by God what we live for?

3 thoughts on “The Little Guy

  1. Yes, grandchildren are great fun. My mother told me that even in a playpen as a baby, I never played with toys, but I look at books. I don’t remember not being able to read, and people remember time after they are 4 y old. of course, obsession with reading made me bad at ball games ( no practice, and it was not great for my eyes. Yet, seeing my granddaughter, 1 year 7 months doing the same – she is only interested in her books-warmed my heart. I’ll have a fellow intellectual to talk to when I am old.

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