Andrew Luck Makes His Last QB Decision

Andrew Luck, the star quarterback for the Colts, retired. His talent and his courage were extraordinary. He obviously lived through injuries and rehab that would have broken most homo sapiens. He was recently awarded the Comeback Player of the Year.

The game of pro football involves huge defensive lineman with speed and strength that is almost unbelievable. In order to keep them off their quarterback offensive lineman must be equally as big and just as strong. The battle in those trenches is frequently the key to victory.

That said, nonetheless to get hit fiercely by one of those giants must be awfully painful. So are the hours in rehab following major injuries.

If that is not enough a recent study noted it may not just be the concussive forces that hurt the brain. It may simply be the non-concussive forces that can also do harm. Brain function is a terrible thing to lose.

The joy had been killed from the game Andrew Luck had loved all his life. He and his family were paying to high a price. His huge salary just was not worth the physical and emotional pain.

God bless his decision. I strongly suspect it was the right one.

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