Fiction, Some Thoughts on the Genre

Research suggests that reading fiction is emotionally healthy. It brings us into not just the action but the emotions behind the action and the inaction. Though I love non-fiction since the publication of these findings I have made a point of reading more fiction. I am convinced fiction is good for the psyche. In a world with too much hurt, to me, that is of paramount importance.

Postscript 9/11/21:

I also have a novelette in draft that is my first venture into writing fiction, a delightful journey.

Malcolm Gladwell, a Name to Remember

Talking to Strangers is about to go live on 9/10/19. I obviously have yet to read it. I am very hopeful it will contain the same objectivity and flair for words that characterizes the author’s work. Malcolm Gladwell, its author, is a gift to all the world’s non-fiction lovers.

His work has enthralled me for years. I am not his target audience at 74 and retired. Nonetheless his work and my cross-hairs coincide.

He basically answers the question for all of us, What REALLY gives in the material world? His work displays that reality, absent the misfires/imperfections that would characterize any non-fiction writer.

That his works would sell in the millions makes a great deal of sense. We are truly blessed to read his work. May this middle-aged Canadian have a long writing life well into his 100s. If you haven’t read his work consider starting with The Tipping Point and/or Blink.