Malcolm Gladwell, a Name to Remember

Talking to Strangers is about to go live on 9/10/19. I obviously have yet to read it. I am very hopeful it will contain the same objectivity and flair for words that characterizes the author’s work. Malcolm Gladwell, its author, is a gift to all the world’s non-fiction lovers.

His work has enthralled me for years. I am not his target audience at 74 and retired. Nonetheless his work and my cross-hairs coincide.

He basically answers the question for all of us, What REALLY gives in the material world? His work displays that reality, absent the misfires/imperfections that would characterize any non-fiction writer.

That his works would sell in the millions makes a great deal of sense. We are truly blessed to read his work. May this middle-aged Canadian have a long writing life well into his 100s. If you haven’t read his work consider starting with The Tipping Point and/or Blink.

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