Coco v Naomi Osaka at 7pm EDT

Is Coco Gauff at 15 fleet afoot? Her mom ran college track and Coco has competed in the 800.

Is that important? I saw Novak Djokovic practicing as an unknown at Indian Wells years ago. I had never seen a faster player on a tennis court. Some consider him now the fastest on court in the game. It helps explain why he hits the ball on the move so well. He gets in the position to hit it well more easily. So does Coco.

Is she powerful. She is amongst the hardest servers in the game.

Does she pick her shots well? Very well according to most expert observers.

Does she win close matches? Her first two matches in this US Open went the distance, three sets.

Is she focused? Take a good look at her eyes and expressions when she returns serve.

At only 15 can she beat any WTA. player on the planet? Yes.

Does she have an excellent shot against defending champion Naomi Osaka tonight at 7pm EDT? You can tune in,wherever you are, if you are awake, to find out. It should be a BATTLE.

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