How Did We Resolve This?

It was 1/3/20. A ten year old  in Washington D.C. had an idea. It filtered up to two key representatives in Congress. The youngster thought, perhaps, instead of two opposing investigations, that, Trump and Biden could duel in an over 70 tennis competition. 

The thoughtful child believed the anger vented during the match could replace the prosecution. All three branches of government agreed and gave it their stamp of approval.

The match was announced. It was set for 4/1/20. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all broke down from overuse.

The Donald quickly lost 25 pounds eliminating Big Macs and fries from his diet. Biden received hair transplants. He didn’t articulate his needs well to the surgeon so his hair was a little patchy at best.

The site was a tennis court at Atlanta’s federal penitentiary. That gave each side in Washington their wish, as, both candidates were seen confined to jail, if only momentarily.

Trump was wearing a Gucci tennis outfit and a MAGA hat. Biden was wearing a Versace outfit and a Ukrainian campaign hat given his recent transplant.

The match was televised worldwide having grossed a billion dollars in advertising revenue. If Trump won he said he would use his purse to buy the 2020 election. If Biden won he said he would provide his son Hunter with a trust fund.

After 23 minutes of tennis, with the only opposing strokes, heat strokes, the match was declared a draw.

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