Thanksgiving Minus Ten Days

I was walking outside today on this beautiful, SoCal day, thanking God for my good fortune. I saw some green, vibrant trees up the hills west of me. The sky was cloudless and bright. Our nation’s flag not far from me was waving in a gentle breeze.

The flag brought to mind that had my grandparents stayed in Lithuania or Hungary, likely,  both my family lines would have ended during the Holocaust. This country has been the safest place for Jews to live since its inception. I am sure that wasn’t lost on any of my four grandparents.

I am thankful that at 68 I was in a position to retire. These last six years out of the workforce have reinvigorated my soul.

I thank God for my two adult children and two small grandchildren. To simply say they enhance my old age would be understatement.

May our good Lord bless you and keep you on the last Thursday of November. May it be a day filled with laughter, delight and thanksgiving.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel and How Did I Get Through This? available on Amazon

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