Third Book of Memoirs Live

If you’ve enjoyed my blogs, I think you will find my new book an even better experience. It was George Eliot who said, “What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.” That’s been a central goal of my memoirs.

If you read them at the very least the memoirs will engage you and take you outside the mundane. At best the words will touch your heart or tickle your funny bone.

The new book in paperback was just published on the 12th.  The Kindle version went live on Monday, the 15th. Just click the URL below to access Please Save the Third Dance for Me.

Looking Back Again

As we are both chronologically gifted in the pandemic, my spouse and I are holed up much of the time. It has led to home projects. I continued with our let’s reorganize the garage project yesterday.

It is interesting what one can accumulate in 25 years. I found a softball roster with the names and phone numbers of my daughter and her 14 year old teammates. It was a great bunch of girls with warm, delightful parents.

We were able to share the joy of the team winning the league championship that year. That was just before we moved from LA. What a pleasure to look back.

As we partied the day of the championship, we were unmasked, un-distanced, unprepared with 70 per cent, rubbing alcohol and shared a buffet table together. You remember those buffet tables. Right? What a contrast as as I found myself alone in our garage.

Life for all of us is filled with lots of contrasts. Kris and I are hunkered down because a horrific virus, we never could have foreseen, has turned 2020 into, in part, a forgettable year. May it soon become a distant memory replaced by memories of a remarkable, safe and effective vaccine.