A Fond Memory

It was the summer of 2001. The horror of 9/11 had yet to occur. My spouse, Kristine, was eager to visit Europe, particularly having been an artist since the age of eight.

Our daughter Courtney was taking her junior year abroad in Florence. Courtney had been traveling on weekends all over Europe with groups of fellow students from her school. She toured Florence, Rome, Venice and Sienna with Kris.

When Kris saw Michelangelo’s David she was deeply touched by the entirely different nature of his two profiles and of course the astonishing skill of the sculptor. She loved Rome, specifically its history and grand beauty. Venice impressed her with the magnificent works of art in glass, which she mentions to this day.

In the Dark Ages of 2001, my only real salvation in my growing curiosity and loneliness was to follow their credit card activity, online. At least I knew where they were and that they were safe.

I thank God for the opportunity they both had to deepen and broaden their experience with time spent in that lovely part of the world.