You Remember Flying. Right?

It was 3/30/19, the first day of our journey to Israel and Jordan. Kristine and I boarded Lufthansa’s Airbus in L.A. at 430 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

What is left of my mind had decided, since we would be spending two weeks touring, that, most conveniently, my pills would be packed in a multicolored series of plastic cylinders that screwed together. I had learned the exterior imprints on the three of my pills that were white and oval, so, they could be distinguished. That was particularly important when I spilled them all over the floor of the plane.

Age IS not just a number. It is the number of PILLS you take per day. As to this trip, the pills were taken in some remote places ONLY with bottled water.

I have also noticed hoping to travel to Europe, that, once you are over 75 the travel health insurers consider you semi-tombed. They lower their coverage limits so that any serious illness caught in Morocco will leave you penniless on their streets begging for a blood pressure pill. Only Rick’s Café would give you shelter and that would be only if you could sing, As Time Goes By.


Coffee has been around for centuries. Most bitter tastes in nature are a warning to the creature thinking of digging in. Coffee is exceptional.

It seems to be a beverage that brings people together. Spouses. New friends. Old friends.

May your life be filled with good coffee, comfortable chairs and dear ones. All three are very welcome in these times shadowed by a dark cloud.

P.S. I managed to include a whole chapter on my favorite beverage in the June, 2020, Amazon published, Please Save the Third Dance for Me. Please do.