A Second Look at Heights

It was about the summer of 2015. Kris and I were staying in an inn outside of Yellowstone National Park. Trying to mimic a cowboy, I went down to the stables of the resort to sign up for a guided tour on horseback. We were to visit the nearby Wyoming hills.

Kristine and I mounted two beautiful horses and headed into the wilderness. I looked ridiculous on a horse, as, I would have had I donned a cowboy hat.

At some point the guide about to change elevation rapidly asked if any of us were afraid of heights. I was, but, I appreciated my dilemma. I wanted to forego either: 1) embarrassing my adventurous spouse or 2) walking the snake infested hills back to the stable. I shouted to our guide at the head of the pack “I do, but, I’ll deal with it.” As Garth Brooks sang in Tony Arata’s The Dance,” …I could have missed the pain But I’d have to miss the dance.”

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