In about 2013 I was quite taken by the style and technology of the Tesla. I was at a shopping mall with a Tesla showroom. I went in. I didn’t want to ask for a test run because I knew I could not afford the six figure price tag.

The car was and is for me the most beautifully designed automobile ever manufactured. I looked at its beautiful lines, its flush door handles, and its stunning use of metal and glass aesthetically. I admired its fine-looking, glistening white exterior. I was smitten.

Then I took a good look at its exquisite brown leather interior. I opened the door and slipped into the driver’s seat. The interior design beyond the beautiful leather, at least to me, wasn’t in the same universe as the exterior design. Perhaps I should have never opened the door.

On another occasion, I was at a meeting with an old friend whose net worth dwarfs my own. He told me he had test driven a high performance Tesla.  In the past I had seen his top end Acura sports car that fit him like a glove personally. With that car he appeared to have been having the time of his life.

He told me about the Tesla test drive. He said when the car initially accelerated he was impressed. As it gained momentum something unusual happened. He began to develop tunnel vision and was quite shaken.

The late George Carlin had a wonderful routine about stuff. He had a lot of perspective. The stuff of life just cannot compare with the depth and beauty of our Maker, our family and our dearest friends.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling, Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me , all available on Amazon.

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