Six years ago I took a course on great locales of the Middle Ages. Malta sounded like it retained the look of that era beautifully. It was ideal for the 21st Century visitor. It also had a fascinating history I hope to see that unique place one day.

Fast forward to a few months ago. I was in a fellowship group at church studying the book of Acts. Paul had just befriended several of the Maltese. They were impressed with his survival of a serious snake bite.

During those six years or so my blog had drawn over 5000 views. The views had included every inhabited continent.

Within a few hours of studying Paul’s mission to Malta in the group, I had my one and only Maltese reader’s view, before or since. It was a blog completely unrelated to the Book of Acts.

Coincidence isn’t in my playbook. To me this was a clear act of God. It buttresed my faith then as it does now. Thank God for his precious gifts in the stories of our lives.

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