How Much is Too Much?

Some of the oldest continuing businesses on earth are breweries. In the 20s and early 30s Prohibition led to nothing but crime and it could not be enforced. Alcohol is here to stay. Don’t you think?


I first sampled beer as a high school student. I didn’t realize it could have a pleasant flavor. Then I sampled some medieval brews that had stood the test of time, i.e. Lowenbrau. “So that’s what beer can taste like,” I said quietly to myself. It is delightful. And it’s pleasing to share the brew with others.


On the other hand, one can take to excess any ingestible. I overhydrated with water and was hospitalized on New Year’s Day of this forgettable, stressful and dificult year.

So I got the question about alcohol and excess answered about 42 years ago. I still remember a lecture given when I was a medical examiner in Ventura, CA in 1978. I went to weekly continuing education classes at the county hospital. One was on alcoholism. I knew going in that many of the traffic victims I had autopsied had had excessive amounts of alcohol coursing through them.

The speaker, a physician, asked the question “How much is too much?” He explained that “How much?” expressed itself in response to three other questions: Did the individual have as a result of his/her alcoholic intake: 1) At least one DUI? 2) Physical illness? or 3) Compelling social problems in marriage or at work?

If the answer for some of  the electronically connected here is “Yes,” perhaps there is a a slight chance this will have an impact beyond only views in the blogosphere. You think?