The Dragon in My Life

I first used voice recognition software in about 1997. I did so because I had lost a secretary and was relying on a secretary 65 miles away. She was also my boss’s secretary so I always lost when there was a priority. I was not the world’s greatest typist, either, so I needed her.

Fortunately, a coworker out of the blue suggested to me this new technology of voice recognition software. I briefly used the slow version, Kurzweil Voice, but soon learned of the more efficient version, Dragon software.

Once proficient, I had a hair-brained idea. I would teach other physicians how to quickly get up to speed with the new technology in my “spare time.” It would help fund my daughter, soon to be a college student.

My largest investment was some expensive stationary. My spouse, a professional artist, created an elegant logo for the business emblazoned on it. I got approval for the outside work from my day job folks.

In the two years of it’s existence the business broke even, but at least I still have many of the envelopes to use as needed since they simply have my name and home address. An entrepreneur I am not. On the other hand it was an interesting challenge, a lot of fun and may have helped a few docs enhance their efficiency.