Sports or No Sports, That is the Question

So I guess I now ask the question, do I really need sports?  So far it’s been about four months and it has been essentially without games.  Will I discover that the NFL is a complete waste of time?  What about baseball?  What about tennis?

I think in my particular case, I have learned that football and baseball, I can probably live without.  The bone crushing in football and brain wrecking I think I can live without.  The pitchers throwing at batters’ heads I can also avoid by choice.  The cheating with electronics, even in the World Series, I can definitely forego.

Nonetheless I have to admit, I’ve loved tennis since the age of 13.  The game is by nature, socially distant and generally, graceful.

The upside, games are a part of life and can be healthy for the psyche.  They return us to our youth.

Maybe I’m just outside the box.  I guess I enjoy only the grace of the defensive back or receiver up against or with the courage and precision of a great quarterback.  I enjoy that head-threatened batter’s difficult victories. But actually after a long work-life in healthcare the question I ask is, should I be watching this mayhem?

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