How I Love that Peace in the Outdoors

Being holed up for the pandemic finds me spending less time outdoors. But, today I took my half hour of aerobics in 75 degree weather. My age matched the thermometer. The power walk reminded me of how much I miss being out in the open.

The last leg of the course, I went westward. I was in the midst of an ocean breeze from the Pacific coast, three miles away. As I had worked up a sweat the breeze in my face was uplifting. I had forgotten with my frequent, indoor exercise on an elliptical, the pleasure of a grand day in the open air and the peace it brings me.

It has been convenient to get fit indoors as I have needed neither mask, nor sunscreen, nor an outdoor pair of shoes. But convenience can fall far short of life’s better moments. Today my joint movement was fluid. There was no pain. I am fortunate that either by my lifetime of laziness, or moderation, or stretching, or all three, key joints are working now without soreness.

I recall ardently walking hills and cobblestone streets with a tour group in Jerusalem one year ago. That night found me with the most big toe pain I had ever experienced. I tried to get to the bathroom, but I was barely mobile. The pain kept me up when I got back in bed. That’s why I elliptical to put less stress on my toes (and other joints). I also stretch my toes usually daily.

Dear Lord, thank you that my knees, hips, and toes have been feeling no pain most of my long life. Thank you for that Pacific reminder of the beautiful, natural world You have provided.