Why I Love Books

When I was about eight, I began to read Dr. Seuss’ marvelous tales, particularly about Bartholomew. His real name was Theodor Geisel (Yes, without an “e”). His lines/verses were lyrical. Today they have been dubbed Seussical. His illustrations were hilarious. The books were pure joy.

Like a bookend in my life, it has now been 26 years that I have lived in Theodor Geisel’s hometown, San Diego. It is a city where, significantly for young people, he helped UCSD become a stellar university with his philanthropy.

Also at around eight years of age, I learned with delight about an elephant named Babar. Jean de Brunhoff’s books about him captured my imagination. The illustrations were intriguing and colorful. So colorful, that, a green suit that I loved, a quarter century later, I wore to my wedding. I didn’t realize at the wedding, that, the green suit, that I so enjoyed, was strikingly similar to Babar’s green suit. That came to me when I read to my children just a few years later about my favorite elephant (and suit).

That fun-filled initiation to reading was the springboard for a life of fascination with books. Thank God for large favors.