I first appreciated little ones when my two nieces were very small and I would come home from med school in the late 60s and visit them. They were such a grand relief from the pressures of school and so enhanced my life.

In 1980, Kristine and I had a daughter, Courtney, followed by a son, Chad in 1990. Courtney was bright, beautiful and full of love. Chad was as well. Kristine being an artist was struck that as much as she appreciated beauty, God had blessed her with beautiful children.

My memories are centered on how my offspring connection steadily changed for the better, except for 13-14 years of age for obvious reasons.

Courtney is a dear with like interests who makes my heart sing. Chad is the dearest, male,  friend I have ever known. I am very close to both of them.

Today is the 26th anniversary of my dad’s death. May he rest in peace. It gets me to thinking of family and what a wonderful gift God gave the two of us with our two wonderful, now adult, children.