My Future?

When I think about a setting in which I could read a book about my entire life, including my future, it puts me off. I try to grow and change for the better. I try to eat, exercise and visit my doc in a way that my health is optimized. I attempt, in essence, to minimize my deterioration and maximize my growth.

But to have knowledge of my time ahead on earth, I can easily live without. It would rid my life of spontaneity. I’d know the punch line to all the good jokes I hear. Any ill-health that I wouldn’t want to think about would be out there waiting for me. I might well have to give up on my preferred exit, a quiet death in my sleep if I knew what life held for me now. Not a good thought.

So I will leave you with a good one. We can all be delighted our futures here are one wonderful mystery. Don’t you think?