A Nomadic Life?

Sometimes I think about whether, as I enjoy traveling, I would enjoy a nomadic life. I don’t think so.

I love to travel, but we have a home base. My father couldn’t stop moving when I was a kid and we had to keep adjusting to new circumstances. It was chaotic.

I need dear friends I know well. I talk to them with regularity. By the grace of God, they are available in a pinch. They provide a support structure particularly for tough times. The friends are a result of 25 years spent in the same church.

It helps to see the same physicians for years. That becomes even more important with the ravages of old age. Yes 60 may not be the new 50. All systems age and at varying rates.  Your skin may look great and your kidneys may be a train wreck. It sure helps to have continuity of care in one place.

We’ve lived in the same house for 25 years. It says something about how un-nomadic we are. Nomadic. Not me. Not in 2020. Particularly, not in 2020.