A New Adderly for a New Century

I was a teenager when I first saw Herb Adderly play nearly flawless cornerback for the world champion Green Bay Packers of Vince Lombardi. That was 59 years ago, the year I got licensed to drive.

He was their coverage star for years and in 1971 was a Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys. Herb was a clear choice for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He died on October 30th, just a few days ago at 81.

Herb Adderly enjoyed giving good advice to his cousin, Nasir Adderly, who now plays corner for the Los Angeles Chargers. In a key defensive drive today Nasir beautifully went into the air to block away a potential long completion. It was as though I was watching Herb do his work almost 60 years ago. For a brief moment I had my youth back watching a kid’s game.