Inaccurate Polls

Distrust is the name of the game. Americans are surveilled everywhere. Facebook and Google are tracking you to the best of their ability. Amazon knows a lot about you as well.

They say reviewing your credit card and check purchases tell you a lot about who you are. So do your comments on Facebook and your Google searches. They also tell these huge tech companies who you are. Additionally, all kinds of companies are selling your cellphone number to others.

Americans are becoming increasingly aware someone is looking over their shoulder. It seems from what I have read the inaccuracy of the polls relates to Americans treasuring their privacy, whether it is a cellphone polling call or a request to take an online polling survey. Many just do not want to be surveilled anymore. Quite understandable on their voting as it takes place PRIVATELY. This makes a true random sample difficult to obtain diminishing the accuracy of the poll.

Given the accuracy problem, politicians, once elected, may actually have to make decisions less reliant on polls, something unique in modern politics. Maybe that’s a good thing.