Sing, You say?

Oh, if only I could sing. My 6th grade teacher took a listen and asked me to keep quiet in the planned, class chorus. It’s been downhill since.

I could play a fair guitar. I wrote a few second rate songs. I love dancing and can, perhaps, cut a rug when needed. But singing?

Each week I so enjoy the new singing talent on The Voice. I recognize the best of them with goose bumps and/or tears. Star quality is in my crosshairs.

Nonetheless, far be it from me to ever actually carry a tune.

A Sunny Memory

As I sat in the backyard on Thursday, my wife Kristine gave me a badly needed haircut. I was sitting very still so she could be effective.  On that beautiful morning, the sun was beaming down on the two of us with the temp about 65.

The sun’s heat and light felt wonderful on my face. It took me back to a memory largely buried for 60 years. When I skied as a 15 year old on the smooth waters of Biscayne Bay, the joy was magnified by Miami’s sun across my face.

I didn’t have my usual sunscreen on my face Thursday because it could have interfered with Kristine’s cutting and shaping, though I usually leave it on for haircuts.  I have used sunscreen 99 per cent of my time outdoors for about 20 years. When I had my one and only skin cancer removed the dermatologist recommended sunscreen for life.

It sure was good to steer clear of the life sentence with that gooey stuff and enjoy my brief time unencumbered in the bright, warm San Diego sun. Such, occasional, little things can be so sweet, particularly in the growing COVID crisis.