A Stirring, Dominant Tennis Win

Daniil Medvedev has beaten Djokovic for the third time in five matches. Danil, #4 in the world, is six foot six and plays like a smaller man. He serves like a big man and moves like a small man, as he beautifully defends at the baseline

Though Djokovic is arguably the fastest player in tennis on the court, Daniil is reasonably fast, has great reach, and hits well on the move.

Today Daniil beat Nole in every phase of the game in straight sets. Medvedev advanced to the semifinals of the Nitto ATP Finals. With Theim beating Nadal yesterday and the result of this match we may be staring at the future of the ATP.


Other than one extraordinary writer’s work, Stephen King, I get absolutely no kick from watching or reading about the frightening. I am intense and do all I can by the grace of God to avoid fear that evolves into anxiety and tension. Sometimes, I avoid the last two minutes of a close, sporting event to avoid the tension.

I think with age, given the ups and downs of life, however great an effort we make, we do become somewhat more fragile emotionally as well as physically. Two of my downers were surviving being held at gunpoint and a major, urban riot in which I was enveloped. There is a reason only desperate countries send old men into battle and you don’t see 90 year olds speeding along the highway in their Harley-Davidsons.

Give me a great book, a comfortable chair and good cup of coffee. It all satisfies me at 75.

Life has enough problems of its own without seeking tension in other places. I once had a front row, center seat for a play in which I was surprised/frightened by an arrest by the Gestapo. The two Nazis walked on stage and stood directly over me. I am still in recovery.