The Person Who Inspired my Passion for Learning

In some ways, I was the classical neglected middle child. In some ways that wasn’t true at all in that my mother was equally loving to all of us. She was completely committed to each of us.

But, my mother’s interests never extended to the academic in school or later in life. My father’s curiosities barely did to include an ongoing interest in reading history.

Our next door neighbors in Dayton, Ohio were childless. I spent about six years as a child there leaving at the age of 10. I had little interest in school until our last year or so in Dayton.

Our next door neighbor who I will call Mrs. Smith began to show me the wonderful collection of mementos in their house from their foreign travel. I still remember the beauty of her Persian rugs, an item I admire to this day.

The time with her got me excited about geography in fifth grade and ultimately learning in general. She surely turned my life around, by the grace of God. How different my world would have been without her inspiration.