Thanksgiving, 2020

What has 2020 been to this point? National campaigns. The Australian Open. The Super Bowl. Then, the Ides of March. Ides for the Romans was basically mid-month. Sound familiar for last March? Life changed dramatically.

We learned, for those of us who love to travel, just how deep a yearning we possessed. We absorbed just how much we needed each other.

In families, if we were fortunate, we learned the psychological borders that needed to exist between us, when, more confined to close quarters. Most of us, me included, are trying to learn that slowly, but surely. It’s challenging. Isn’t it? Dear Lord, help me to slow down, choose my borders wisely and love deeply.  

We are fragile creatures and this pandemic has taught us just how fragile. It’s one thing to live with a nuclear threat for 70 years. It’s another to already have lost about a quarter of a million Americans to COVID-19. Now, the hideous virus is surging through America.

We pray that our apparently effective vaccines are proven safe and are in full distribution, soon. Thank you Lord that a large proportion of us have been sparred to this point. At this juncture, on the day of American Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for.