Marriage is the most complicated venture in which one ever invests one’s life. The Facebook posed glossies are patronizing us. They are works of art well distanced from the everyday.

Tony Hsieh, an incredible businessman who led high stakes ventures just died, alone, in a house fire. He wasn’t married. “I’m not opposed to the idea of marriage,” he said. “But statistically, if half of all marriages end in divorce, and of the ones that remain married many are unhappily married, the odds are stacked against you.” Sounds like he felt he could not cope with business risks compounded with the risks of matrimony.

Tim Keller, a pastor and author, essentially calls it a place where we learn to love. It requires lots of patience and forgiveness to be that close that much of the time. The philosopher, Alain de Botton, suggests couples should start with a cautious pessimism about the married state. It would seem that would diminish the frequency of provocation. But, who knows?

Churchill not referring to marriage used the phrase : ” It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma…” It certainly has its ups and downs. However, in my own experience, it is a rich and deep adventure worth every sacrifice. It’s the adventure of a lifetime.

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