What About American Football Grabs Me?

Football is a little like music. Timing is everything. Take the last second, complete pass before the QB is leveled. That timing is as exquisite as the Moonlight Sonata.

In the 60’s the late historian, Richard Wade, at University of Chicago declared that the human drive to build great cities was a prime mover in the growth of our nation. Football is a way that the fans can bond cheering for their hometown team, their city.

Finally the game is a beautiful harmony of strength, balance and grace. The strongest lineman win the contest of strength. The small running backs have wonderful balance, being closer to the ground, to stay upright in the face of the mayhem. The fluid motion of a quarterback passing in full flight is so graceful. Few such men on earth could effectively take the reins of a team.

American football has both a simplicity and a complexity that just grab me.