The Surge

So why the rebellious, American streak when a quarter of a million people have died in the pandemic? That’s 100 times the number of American military that have died in Afghanistan in about twenty years.

I guess we are all self-destructive. It is only a matter of degree.

But this one has confounded me. Isn’t the idea of relaxing with a good book indoors somewhat appealing? Does anyone believe that the best of the available masks that ultrafilter don’t work? That draft beer that you have been drinking for years from a bottle is micro-filtered to avoid pathogens that can hurt you. The best of the publically available, current masks have been micro-filter-checked repetitively to prove their functionality. If they filter anything it increases your odds to survive by lessening the dosage of your exposure. Health care workers face a large dosage and are masked to the hilt. Isn’t that filtration important?

As we know, the odds against survival go up with age. At a minimum don’t the younger people give a hoot about the survival of their elders? If they mask, then, the number of asymptomatic spreaders and super spreaders may well diminish.

Hey, we can see the finish line with the vaccines. To die from COVID-19 now would be like getting killed in your last few days of active, military duty in a firefight. Can we please slow down the fire that is surging into the deepest reaches of America? Thanks for listening if you got this far.

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