The Power of Love

A writer for the New York Times, Roger Cohen, described love this way in an article reflecting on his fatherhood: “Life is a riddle whose only imperfect solution is love. Love cheats time because it’s passed along, refracted through the generations; and it’s the reason, with all its illusions, that we’re here in the first place.”

What I have always tried to convey to my now adult children has been how much I have loved them. I know they know that’s true from the way they behave. A complex human mind can be an enigma , but, how a person acts is a reflection of what they believe deep, deep down.

Some people say reviewing your charges and checks can tell you what you value. Some psychologists say how we interact with money can reflect how we interact with those we love. It is a premise worth considering. Don’t you think?

Ultimately I thank God every day for the family he gave to Kristine and me. It’s a gift well beyond measure.

Baltimore, a Memoir, Part II

It was in Baltimore in the spring of 1977 that I met Kristine. It was on a Sunday. Her art school was holding an open house. I managed to find the third floor of its main building and was enchanted by a work of art depicting the Hemingway family.

Now, in our infamous 2020, one of the members of my weekly, writer’s group befriended Ernest in her youth learning to love the bullfighting he so enjoyed. Additionally come April 5, 2021, Ken Burns ‘ documentary on the beloved author will air on PBS.

Returning to that momentous day in 1977, soon, Kristine arrived addressing her work of art. She had blue overalls that matched her beautiful, blue eyes.

We shared a delightful talk in which she touched on her love of tennis. That led to our first date at the tennis barn in my neighborhood.

I had purchased a condominium on the 7th floor of a high rise in 1976. The locale was called Cross Keys, consisting of a hotel, condos, apartments, a tennis barn, an outdoor tennis court and a unique shopping area.

I began my effort to feed this “starving student” as we enjoyed numerous dinners in this beautiful, waterfront city. Sweet pina coladas along the harbor and the wonderful Baltimore crabs were a part of our first summer together. The dietary restrictions for this 75 year old were a long way off as we enjoyed memorable dinners. The company was lovable and that is an understatement.

We are now sharing our 43rd year together. At least she was here this morning.