The Holiday Season and Our Electorate

Our 21st Century, American electorate seems hard wired either to the left or to the right. The division has been very close to 50:50. Recall the 500 vote margin in the deciding state, Florida, in the Presidential election in 2000.

When people are hard wired they can have simplistic answers to deeply complex questions. They frequently resort to verbiage in the anti-social media. They put enormous trust in their “authentic politicians,” usually an oxymoron. The checks and balances in our founding documents underscored the idea that power is too great a temptation for many.

In this season where soldiers have been known to put down their weapons on Christmas, could we celebrate our differences? Could those who govern find more truth in government proposals by actually listening to each other? There is at least one study that shows successful corporate board members find truth/good solutions in openly sharing their differences. It apparently helps take the bias out of the decision.

Appreciating I may be shouting in the wilderness without a listener, could we make a go at becoming more loving by the grace of God?