Deep Down Inside Us

In Scriptures, Paul says in his magnificent love chapter: “…then I shall know even as also I am known.” I think “then” refers to the afterlife of believers.  I think Paul means: Today we are not transparent to ourselves but then we will see ourselves as God sees us. Yes, today our inner selves are extensively complex. Years of “digging” through study, reflection, behavioral therapy, etc., in many, barely scratches the surface.

Even when we make the life changing decision to marry, most behavioral therapists would agree that our subconscious, unbeknownst to us, recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of our parents in the person with whom we will hopefully spend the rest of our lives. Loves seems blind to that truth early in a relationship.

As to what one might read to gain a better understanding of people and the character of God on our journeys, consider the following: Somehow the Bible has outlasted the “glories” of the Roman Empire, an empire built in concrete, the power of the Egyptian Empire, etc., etc. Why did that lambskin outlast the empires of antiquity? It’s worth considering as we struggle with self-understanding and learning how to more gracefully accept/love others. In this wonderful holiday season, I think it’s a question worth pondering.

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